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Piedmont Pest Control is certified to install and maintain the Sentricon Colony Elimination System™, the nations leading termite bait system.

How the Sentricon System works
The ALWAYS ACTIVE bait stations are placed around your home or business and are checked every 6 months for termite activity. When termites attack the stations, the Recruit ™ termite bait will be taken back to the colony and fed to other termites. The termites spread the bait throughout the colony, and as a result the entire colony is eliminated.

What are the advantages of the Sentricon System?
There are three main reasons why the Sentricon System is often preferred over traditional liquid treatment methods.

Extremely environmentally friendly
Customers who have concerns or reservations about the use of liquid chemicals have an alternative solution.

Less disruptive than liquid treatment
Sentricon is less disruptive to your home, business, or lifestyle with no drilling, trenching, or scheduling hassles.

Proven to work
Sentricon has been proven to eliminate entire termite colonies and has longest protection history than any other bait product.

Learn More about Sentricon
Want to learn more about the Sentricon Colony Elimination System™?  Visit the Sentricon homeowner’s web page