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Residential rodent control is usually designed to solve existing rodent infestation problems.

Rodent Control
A trained service technician will evaluate your situation and recommend the best solution from among our control techniques based on your specific needs.

Did you know? Rodents pose a greater threat than the fear or anxiety they seem to bring with their presence.

  • Rodents can transmit diseases
  • Rodents leave excrement and hair in your food
  • Rodents can cause allergies in children
  • Rodents can bring fleas or lice into your home.
  • Mice can fit through holes as small as a nickel when entering your home
  • Rats only need an opening the size of a half-dollar to enter a home.

Commercial rodent control is quite a bit more comprehensive. Piedmont Pest has the experience and expertise to customize the perfect plan for your facility with budget, regulatory, and documentation issues in mind. No hassles, no problems, and no rodents! Ask us for our many commercial references.