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Don’t want a reoccurring service program? We understand.

“One Time” Residential Pest Solution
We recommend this one time pest control service if you want an existing problem solved, but don’t want to begin a reoccurring service program. Solutions in this program can target just about any pest issue. While this service is designed to eliminate any existing pest problem, we do want to let you know that it will not prevent future infestations from happening after the treatment solution has expired (about 3 months).

The price for our treatment solutions is usually lower than most people think. Why not give us a call and speak with a customer service representative who will help you determine the right solution at the right price. By the way, they are helpful and friendly (not pushy), and they don’t work for sales commissions or production quotas. They get paid to serve… and hopefully you will do business with us because we treat you like you want to be treated.