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Reclaim your lawn from fire ants. Here’s three options to turn those red ants into dead ants.

Option 1: A GOOD solution with a LOW PRICE 

We start by broadcasting an exclusive fire ant only granular bait over your yard. The fire ants discover the bait particles when they are foraging for food and take them back to their colony. Once the baits have been taken back to the colony, it kills worker ants and stops reproduction in the queen ant so that the whole colony is eliminated. Although this treatment doesn’t prevent new infestation of fire ants, it is the most economically priced treatment and a favorite of our customers. Due to the aggresive growth of fire ants and the limited life of the bait, we are unable to provide a guarantee with this service.

  • Provides about 80% control
  • Usually done in the Spring & Fall

Option 2: A BETTER solution with GREAT VALUE

We start with the GOOD plan above and then repeat it every two months. This provides fire ant protection for extended periods of time and improves the expected control rate to 90-95%… and we will guarantee this option.

  • Provides 90-95% control – Guaranteed!
  • Treatment every two months until late Fall

Option 3: Our BEST solution with BEST RESULTS

This is a one-time treatment that kills 95% or more of the fire ants and keeps them out for about 6 months (from mid April to mid October). Our quick kill, granular insecticide releases long lasting fire ant protection as it becomes wet. If you don’t want to see many fire ants, then you will want this fire ant service.

  • Guaranteed to kill 95% or more
  • One-Time Treatment

Any Size, Any Place, Any Time

Fire ant treatments are available for small yards or large acreage. Let us know how we can help.

Did you know? Fire ants can cause allergic reactions in some people just like a bee sting could.